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by Sharon Brizman gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 5 stars


A few weeks ago I had an assessment and blood test as part of my diabetic care plan carried out by your excellent HCA.

I had noticed her before in her previous occupation at the reception desk and had noted her lovely manner on the telephone and in face to face communication with patients.

As a health professional myself - accustomed to training staff at all levels in procedure, attitude etc I cannot commend this young lady highly enough. She is gentle, genteel, expansive as needed. A total professional.

I suggest she is encouraged to further her skills in health care..."you" will be well rewarded!

Visited in October 2018, Posted on 05 November 2018

by Anonymous gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 5 stars

Very happy with your Medical Centre!

I had a medical screening this morning, not an easy and comfortable one I have to say. But the nurse I've seen has been wonderful!
Everything has been done gently and with great skill. A warm thank you!

Visited in October 2018, Posted on 26 October 2018

by Nick Childs gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 5 stars

Flu jab

Just been to have my flu jab. Ok it was a Drop in Centre but loads of times offered this week. Today was the only one in the evening. Drop in times were between 17-19.00. Arrived 16.40. Seen by a nurse at 16.45. Able to ask another question related to a different health matter that nurse was seeing me for on a regular basis (I can’t give the name on this website apparently). Left at 16.50. How great is that?
Always very pleased to be a patient here rather than one run by the same group which is nearer to me and another one not part of the same group.

Visited in October 2018, Posted on 03 October 2018

by Ann-Marie Bowron gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 5 stars

Nurse is a star

I visited the nurse due to a two week flu, fever and skin irritation issue. Immediately she was comforting, reassuring, a listening ear but at the same time direct with advice and professional care.

I have had so many bad experiences with doctors, nurses and health care professionals in the past due to my crohns that I avoid at all costs, and I am a personal trainer so I know this is terrible. However, she was truly a breath of fresh air, she even realised I had never had a smear test so did that along with a sexual health check, I've never been given this time before, I'm usually rushed out of the room. A personal approach goes a long way, not just about knowledge but people who make the difference to somebody's day and ultimately their life.

Everybody needs a nurse like this, she is a great asset to the NHS :)

Visited in September 2018, Posted on 13 September 2018