Patient Participation Group Minutes




Summary PPG Report 2023 /2024

You Said

  • Core Issue 1: Communication

The ppg wanted the practice to keep communication lines open by feeding back relevant and important information regarding new staff, new services, workshops, awareness days and upcoming events.

What We Did

  • At one of the PPG meetings the practice provided the patients with the following leaflets/ data
  • Results of the patient experience surveys, the winter newsletter and the comparison of site data. The PPG came up with some great suggestions for workshops.
  • A Diabetes workshop was set up and held on 26.3.2024 as the PPG suggested that the practice identify the largest most complex chronic long term condition group and run the workshop based on this priority.

You Said

  • Core Issue 2: Access to Services

The PPG and practice population often made enquiries at reception regarding the working pattens of each clinician/ health professional who worked at the practice. 

With so many services available it was difficult to feed this back to patients.

What We Did

The practice decided to create a newsletter that fed back to the PPG and wider practice population the details of how to access all the services and clinics run by health professionals at the practice.

The newsletter comprehensively included all the names of clinicians as well as their working days at DMC. This was well received by the PPG and wider practice population.


You Said

  • Core Issue 3: Monitoring service delivery with a view to improving patient experience via themes from complaints, surveys, reviews and PPG feedback.

The PPG members were interested in hearing how the practice monitors service delivery. The practice sought to improve patient experience via themes from complaints, surveys, reviews and PPG feedback.

What We Did

Throughout the year, the practice fed back to the PPG the following information: 

Results of the patient experience data that is sent out to random patients. The comparison of local GP sites data, and themes from complaints were reviewed and staff training needs were identified for reception staff and this also highlighted the need for tighter processes.

The practice responded to this by arranging ongoing training, a customer care course in the month of March / April and addressing themes from complaints at staff meetings.